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The Rainmaker Institute
Video Marketing Mastery

The legal industry is intensely competitive with a staggering 1.3 million lawyers in the USA.   The competition is fierce.

You need a way to stand out.  Creating and distributing VIDEO content is how you stand out.

Register and attend "Video Marketing Mastery: The Formula to Law Firm Growth" and learn exactly how to create video content that will connect with prospects and clients, surge your credibility and increase your law firm's revenue.

Here's what you'll learn on this call ...
  • The secret to generating revenue by reconnecting, re-engaging and converting lost leads who have gone cold
  • The universal formula to scripting every video quickly and easily
  • How to shoot a video in 15 minutes (in just one or two takes)
  • How to identify an endless supply of topics that resonate with prospects and showcase your expertise

  • The 7 types of videos every attorney must create to drive growth

  • How and where to distribute videos for maximum lead generation, conversion and retention
  • 5 unique ways to leverage every single piece of content
  • How to utilize video to establish and enhance your firm's reputation & brand
Register for the webinar here

If you're not consistently shooting video content for your firm, you can likely relate to these excuses:(we've heard lawyers say them all!)

  • you don't like how you look on video or fear you'll look "stupid"
  • you don't know what to say, you're not creative or funny enough
  • you don't have time to shoot or to figure out the equipment
  • it's too expense and just too difficult
  • no one is going to watch your videos anyways .... 

Here are the facts:  96% of people increased their online video consumption in the last year and 72% of people prefer to learn about a company via video (over written content). 

These people are your potential clients.  

 Join us for the exclusive "Video Marketing Mastery: The Formula to Law Firm Growth" webinar and learn the formula - for creating video content - that has worked for every single lawyer who has implemented it.  

Video marketing can grow your law firm's revenue by almost 50% faster than marketing without video.    

Phillip Fairley, President, The Rainmaker Institute