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Learn How to Fix The Most Overlooked Core Of Your Law Firm - INTAKE

Is Your Intake Process in Disarray?

  • Pouring thousands into generating phone calls that don't convert?
  • Not converting what seem like good leads into clients?
  • Frustrated by leads disappearing?
  • Having trouble following up?

It's time to fix what's broken. Sometimes you don't need more leads, you just need to do better at converting the ones you have.

Intake is the most overlooked core of a law firm. It goes far beyond mere call answering.
When you fix your intake process, you're transforming the very foundation of client engagement, unlocking the potential for increased cash flow and fueling growth.
Learn the exact intake strategies that hundreds of our clients are using RIGHT NOW to increase their lead conversion 20-40%.
Here's what you get:

1. Where Most Lawyers Need To Fix In Their Intake Process

Learn how to identify and fix deficiencies in your intake process and ensure you stop losing prospects (and $$) every day.

Money spent to make your phone ring is going down the drain


2. How To Run Your Firm on Real DATA

There are three things happening in your firm, right now:
1.  What you think is happening
2.  What your team says is happening
3.  What is really happening.

Tracking your leads is critical. But it’s in the review – the deep analysis of the numbers - where the magic happens.


Run Your Firm on Real DATA


3.  Learn Who's Breaking Your Process- Hire the RIGHT People (+ Skills!)

Intake isn't a call answering job.  Your Intake specialists are not receptionists.  They're not Administrative Assistants or Switchboard Operators.

Your intake specialists are sales people. 

Your intake specialist is the face and the voice of your firm.   They can make your firm ... or they can break your firm.  You decide.

Learn who you need for this role and where to find them.


INTAKE Is The #1 Way to Grow Your Firm Into a 7 or 8 Figure Business
We get why you haven't fixed your intake process until now ...
  • You don't have the time you feel you need to review your current processes and fix them
  • You don't know where to start -- How do you get your team on board?  How do you hold people accountable?
  • You think it's too expensive --- Your budget simply doesn't allow for fancy systems to manage your intake, automate your follow up or to provide you with extensive data
  • You are not convinced it will really make a difference -- you've built a firm from the ground up without it ... do you really need to make changes?  Will you really see an increase in revenue?
  • Limited buy in + resistance to change -- they simply refuse to alter established work habits out of discomfort and fear (aka they don't have the right mindset!)
Your growth will stall unless you do something now ...

The possibilities and growth you will experience when you commit to taking that step forward are endless ...

  • Increased Client Conversions:  a solid intake process increases your conversion rates and boosts revenue
  • Higher Revenue Generation:  More retained clients and cases = increase of revenue
  • Data-Driven Insights: Finally make smart decisions based on real data (not gut feeling!)
  • Accurate Forecasting:  By analyzing your firm's data, predict future trends, aiding in better budgeting and planning (like a real business!)
  • Increased Efficiency:  Reduce administrative burdens and eliminate areas of waste --- freeing up time for more impactful strategies that contribute to the growth of the firm
  • Strategic Growth: Identify growth opportunities and tailor strategies to capitalize on them
  • Enhanced Reputation:  Prospects will feel you're the best firm to work with, current clients will recommend the firm - resulting in consistent increase in credibility and reputation
  • Empowered Staff:  Clear processes and data-based decisions empower staff to perform effectively and contribute to the firm's goals

It's time to Fix Your Intake Process, Improve Your Cash Flow and Grow Your Practice.